Surface Chemistry of Nanobiomaterials
  • Publisher : William Andrew
  • Release : 03 February 2016
  • ISBN : 9780323428842
  • Page : 528 pages
  • Rating : /5 from voters

Download or read online book entitled Surface Chemistry of Nanobiomaterials, was written by Alexandru Grumezescu and published by William Andrew in pdf, epub and kindle format. This book was released on 03 February 2016 with total pages 528. Surface Chemistry of Nanobiomaterials brings together the most recent findings regarding the surface modification of currently used nanomaterials, which is a field that has become increasingly important during the last decade. This book enables the results of current research to reach those who wish to use this knowledge in an applied setting. Leading researchers from around the world present various types of nanobiomaterials, such as quantum dots (QDs), carbon nanotubes, silver nanoparticles, copper oxide, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, magnetite, hydroxyapatite and graphene, and discuss their related functionalization strategies. This book will be of interest to postdoctoral researchers, professors and students engaged in the fields of materials science, biotechnology and applied chemistry. It will also be highly valuable to those working in industry, including pharmaceutics and biotechnology companies, medical researchers, biomedical engineers and advanced clinicians. An up-to-date and highly structured reference source for researchers, practitioners and students working in biomedical, biotechnological and engineering fields A valuable guide to recent scientific developments, covering major and emerging applications of nanomaterials in the biomedical field Proposes novel opportunities and ideas for developing or improving technologies in nanomedicine and nanobiology


Nanobiomaterials Author: Dong Yi,Georgia C. Papaefthymiou
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Relase: 2013-08-14
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