Physics of Biological Action and Perception
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release : 05 September 2019
  • ISBN : 9780128192856
  • Page : 242 pages
  • Rating : /5 from voters

Download or read online book entitled Physics of Biological Action and Perception, was written by Mark L. Latash and published by Academic Press in pdf, epub and kindle format. This book was released on 05 September 2019 with total pages 242. Physics of Biological Action and Perception helps researchers interested in exploring biological motor control from a physics or alternative viewpoint perspective. The book introduces the idea of parametric control as a distinguishing feature of living systems. Sections cover how the CNS creates stable percepts based on fuzzy and continuously changing signals from numerous receptors and the variable processes related to ongoing actions. The author also develops the idea of control with referent coordinates to stability of salient variables in fields typically united under the label of "cognition." Examples of this include communication (how the gist of a message is preserved despite variability of phrases), thought processes (how one can solve a mental problem via different logical routes), and playing chess (how one selects an optimal move given a position on the board). The book is written for researchers, instructors, clinicians and other professionals in all the fields related to biological movement and perception. Presents a unifying theory of motor control based on physics Encompasses action, perception and cognition Discusses referent coordinates, kinesthetic perception and stability of actions Identifies the importance of the CNS over computational brain function

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