• Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Release : 08 February 2012
  • ISBN : 1468525190
  • Page : 136 pages
  • Rating : /5 from voters

Download or read online book entitled Neighbees, was written by J. J. Lauria and published by AuthorHouse in pdf, epub and kindle format. This book was released on 08 February 2012 with total pages 136. Ever wish you were a fly on the wall in the apartment of whoever? Well, the narrator of this book, Stinko Ole, that's his name, is not a fly on the wall but rather a "neighbee" on the stoop, most of the time. And this stooped person, is far from stupid, but tells us the dirt, or for those who abhor dirt, gives us the scoop on what makes the folks who cross that stoop tick. We're talking about the ones who live in the building. Perhaps you grew up in one or live in one now, or if a private house-dweller, won- der how people in such places relate to each other. The guy repeats himself, and seems obsessed with respect for the NYPD, and sees his "neighbees" in the ideal, as clumps of wet and dry leaves stuck together on the drainholes of the steel sewer grate at the end of the curb gutter in the street. The clumping keeps them from going down the drain, which is his expectation for all humanity. When this "clumping" is done with CLR, i.e. Courtesy, Love, and Respect, that "clumper" fits his bill as a real neighbee. He repeats himself often with bizarre analogies and metaphor, and at times makes one wonder if the author is hiding in this freaky frame. One must read "Neighbees" to arrive at an educated guess or at least a maybee.


Neighbees Author: J. J. Lauria
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Relase: 2012-02-08
ISBN: 1468525190

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