Ingredients Extraction by Physicochemical Methods in Food
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release : 26 July 2017
  • ISBN : 9780128112021
  • Page : 638 pages
  • Rating : /5 from voters

Download or read online book entitled Ingredients Extraction by Physicochemical Methods in Food, was written by Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu and published by Academic Press in pdf, epub and kindle format. This book was released on 26 July 2017 with total pages 638. Ingredients Extraction by Physico-chemical Methods, Volume Four, the latest release in the Handbook of Food Bioengineering series, reveals the most investigated extraction methods of ingredients and their impact on the food industry. This resource describes types of ingredients that may be extracted through physico-chemical methods (i.e. specific plants, fruits, spices, etc.), along with their particularities to help readers understand their biological effect and solve research problems. The extraction methods of bioactive compounds and functional ingredients are discussed, along with information on green ingredient extraction strategies to help reduce harmful environmental and health effects. Extraction methods in this book can be applied for multiple purposes within the food industry, such as ingredients separation for food development, the purification and separation of toxic compounds from a food mixture, and the recovery of natural bioactive compounds. Offers advanced knowledge and skills of physiochemical analysis for ingredient extraction Presents various methods for food component analysis to evaluate structure function relations in changing environments Discusses the importance of enzymes during processing and storage of foods Includes methods to evaluate and enhance extraction, such as ultrasound, to produce novel foods more efficiently

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