trò chơi xổ số

Proof of concept

Test an Elios drone at
your site

A trial mission is the best way to size the impact of our drone technologies to your inspection processes.

How it works

A proof of concept will provide valuable insights into how our drone could enhance the safety, speed, and cost-efficiency of your indoor inspections. Here are the steps explained.

1. Preparation call

Review the business case and assess the technology fit

2. Briefing on site

Verify the mission’s feasibility in context

3. Data capture

Fly the drone inside the asset to collect the data

4. Data review & delivery

Check that the data quality matches the expectations before it is shared

5. Mission debriefing

Review the mission outcomes, share experiences
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The Package

What’s included … and what’s not

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The data acquisition and processing

The proof of concept encompasses data acquisition and processing conducted by a skilled drone pilot.

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A complete data set

All the data gathered during the mission will be delivered to you, along with a comprehensive summary, generated during the data review. This data will become your property.

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Inspection report

Our team of professional pilots is not qualified to deliver an inspection report. They will deliver the data without conclusion, enabling further analysis on your part.

Price for a proof of concept

We charge a fixed rate of 2,000 CHF per day of data acquisition missions. This amount should be supplemented with travel, accommodation expenses, and potential standby time.

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Organize a trial at your facility

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